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Climate Pledge Arena Concert and Event Guide

The biggest artists, acts, and special events to grace the Seattle Center stage this year.

By Seattle Met Staff May 8, 2024

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THE VENUE FORMERLY known as KeyArena is home to the Kraken and Storm on the regular (and a green ethos always). And when big-name talent arrives, Climate Pledge Arena becomes their home away from home. Trust us—we took the tour.

Herein, your guide to this year’s biggest headliners and special events. Often, the bigger the clout, the earlier the announcement, so we’ll do our best to keep this list updated throughout the year. We make no promises, however, when it comes to scoring seats on Ticketmaster.

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Melanie Martinez

May 10

Alternative-pop phenom Melanie Martinez kicks off her most ambitious tour to date in Seattle. Since finding fame on The Voice, the multi-hyphenated singer-songwriter-filmmaker’s endless surrealism keeps releases—and live shows—delightfully unpredictable. Men I Trust and Beach Bunny open. 

Pearl Jam

May 28, 30

What could be more Seattle than Pearl Jam playing two nights at Climate Pledge Arena? Expect some unexpected treasures, some absurd Mike McCready guitar solos, and a lot of material from their new album Dark Matter.


May 31

It doesn’t get more 2024 than Russell “Russ” Vitale—a melodic rapper from New Jersey who has amassed a massive social following and put out numerous top 10 records despite limited exposure to “traditional” media.


Vampire Weekend

June 20

Put on your preppiest sweater vest, stick a Rachel Kushner novel in your tote bag, and make like it’s 2009 because Vampire Weekend is coming to town. Their new album Only God Was Above Us has earned rave reviews.

Cage the Elephant

June 22

Cage the Elephant is a rare thing: a modern “classic rock” band. The Kentucky natives pump out guitar-driven, catchy songs year after year, album after album. They are touring off a new album called Neon Pill.

Fuerza Regida

June 30

Originally a cover band from San Bernardino, California, Fuerza Regida has become a powerhouse of regional Mexican music, collaborating with everyone from Peso Pluma (coming later this summer) and Natanael Cano to Grupo Frontera. 


Missy Elliott

July 6

It’s hard to believe it, but this is the first time Rock 'n' Roll Hall of Fame inductee Missy Elliott has ever headlined a national arena tour. She's bringing Ciara, Busta Rhymes, and Timbaland on the road with her.


July 17

Aventura has been playing Dominican bachata music for three decades now—fans call them the “Kings of Bachata” for how they’ve made the genre mainstream in the United States. They’ve been through everything from playing the White House and Madison Square Garden to long hiatuses. Now they come to Climate Pledge Arena.

Chris Brown

July 26

It’s hard to believe that Chris Brown is only 35 years old. It feels like he’s been around forever—though to be fair, it’s been 20 years since his first album came out in 2004 and 15 since his career seemed to be over after he was convicted of felony assault in 2009.


Olivia Rodrigo

Aug 6 & 7

The Queen of Gen Z embarks on her inaugural arena tour in support of her sophomore album, GUTS. Her lyrics are best rage-screamed at the top of your lungs—but she somehow makes them sound mesmerizingly beautiful. Barely graduated from teendom, Rodrigo commands a stage with artful lighting and en vogue costumes. She brings special guest PinkPantheress along for the show. 

Jhené Aiko

Aug 13

Los Angeles R&B singer and rapper Aiko initially announced her “Magic Hour” concert series shortly before the pandemic shut down live performances in 2020. Now, after a series of festival gigs, she comes to Seattle with guests Coi Leray, Tink, Umi and Kiana Ledé.

Peso Pluma

Aug 15

Yeah, Peso Pluma is one of the biggest artists in the world and has one of the most unique haircuts. His corridos tumbados—traditional Mexican corridos with a modern hip-hop spin—have become global anthems. His Climate Pledge show promises to be unique, with a circular stage in the middle of the floor, surrounded by standing room areas.

Twenty One Pilots

Aug 22

It turns out that Twenty One Pilots is only two guys. The name comes from an old Arthur Miller play called All My Sons. The music? Well it’s kinda pop, kinda rock, kinda hip-hop, kinda electronic. And it’s very, very popular.


Aug 23

Before there was Marc Anthony or Ricky Martin, there was Chayanne. The Puerto Rican singer and pop idol has been doing it since the mid-'80s—and acting on the side in English and in Spanish.


Aug 24

It’s called the Grey Day Tour—maybe they should have come to Seattle in a month besides August. But seriously, $UICIDEBOY$ are a rap duo who perform and self-release music as dark as their name. They bring along Pouya, HAARPER, Shakewell, EKKSTACY as openers.

Jeff Lynne's ELO

Aug 27

You can certainly expect this show from Electric Light Orchestra to be a livin’ thing. It’s also your last chance to see Jeff Lynne’s iconic pop band live, as this is a farewell tour. (Hint: He's saying "evil woman," not "medieval woman," as much as it sounds like the latter.)

Kings of Leon

Aug 29

Twenty-five years after they were founded in Nashville, and 16 after they became smash radio sensations with songs like “Use Somebody” and “Sex on Fire,” well the Kings of Leon continue their reign as not-quite-so-modern-anymore Southern Rock idols.

Jelly Roll

Aug 31

Everybody’s favorite rapper-turned-inspirational-country music superstar makes his Climate Pledge Arena debut. Even if you don’t like his tunes, look up the video of his testimony before congress on fentanyl for a powerful few minutes of truth-telling. Warren Zeiders and Alexandra Kay open.


Chicago & Earth, Wind, and Fire

Sept 3

If one critically-acclaimed band wasn’t enough, try this sonic doubleheader. Both bands came out of Chicago in the ’60s, and that shared history binds rock group Chicago with multi-dimensional funk group Earth, Wind, and Fire. The groups will rock their respective hits, but an anticipated encore brings both powerhouses onstage at once. What better way to spend an evening in September

Future & Metro Broomin

Sept 6

Atlanta rapper Future and super-producer Metro Boomin put out an album, We Don’t Trust You ,earlier this year full of massive collaborations and guest spots. They bring its cinematic, arena-ready sounds to Climate Pledge.

Carin León

Sept 8

One of the biggest voices in banda music, Carin León won a Latin Grammy in 2022, and another in 2023. Earlier this year, he became one of the first regional Mexican artists to perform at the Grand Ole Opry—singing in both English and Spanish.

Kacey Musgraves

Sept 20

Straddling the line between pop superstardom and outlaw sensibility, Kacey Musgraves is one of most unique voices in country music. For her Deeper Well World Tour, she brings indie rock weirdo Father John Misty and bluegrass outfit Nickel Creek to open.

Grupo Firme

Sept 21

Tijuana’s Grupo Firme is next in a long line of popular Mexican regional bands playing at Climate Pledge in 2024. Mixing boy band vibes with traditional musicality and catchy tunes, their shows are known for singalongs, a raucous atmosphere, and big energy.

Cigarettes After Sex

Sept 28

Shoegaze is so back. Or it never went away. Ethereal Texas pop artists Cigarettes After Sex bring their noirish sounds to Seattle on their first arena tour.


The National and The War on Drugs

Oct 1

In other words, sad dad Christmas. If you like flannel shirts and IPAs, existential lyrics, and atmospheric guitar solos, well, we’ll see you at Climate Pledge Arena. Lucius opens.  

The Black Keys

Oct 3

Once upon a time, the Black Keys were an indie band, just two dudes playing the blues in their basement. Now as part of the International Players tour behind new album Ohio Players, they bring a full band to the biggest arena in town.


Oct 4

The anonymous author of this blurb remembers going to see Weezer and Foo Fighters together at what was then KeyArena in 2005. At the time, the songs from Weezer’s Blue Album felt like classics. Well, nearly two decades after that, they still are. Hear them play it in full, plus openers the Flaming Lips and Dinosaur Jr.

Hans Zimmer

Oct 5

Not a lot of composers can headline an arena tour. But Hans Zimmer has conjured up some of the most evocative music of the century, scoring movies like Gladiator, the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise, and most recently, the Dune movies. 


Oct 9

Norwegian DJ and music producer KYGO brings the electronica—and serious production values from sound to lighting to stage effects—to Climate Pledge Arena.

Charli XCX and Troye Sivan Present: Sweat

Oct 23

If it sounds like more than just a pop concert featuring a pair of longtime collaborators, that’s because it’s intended to be. Charli XCX and Troye Sivan are out on the road with a big choreographed show meant to bring rave energy to arenas—including Climate Pledge.

Sebastian Maniscalco

Oct 25

Don’t look away; half of Sebastian Maniscalco’s comedy comes from the physical: his facial expressions and distinct, dramatic movements take his priceless stories to new heights. And the son of old-school Italian immigrants grafted into a Jewish family by marriage has plenty of yarns to weave.

Maggie Rogers

Oct 29

Maggie Rogers has one of the most unlikely backstories of modern pop stars. A video of her playing a song, "Alaska," for Pharrell Williams while he was a guest in her college class went viral after Williams was visibly affected by the music. Rogers plays folk with a touch of electro-pop influence. She also has a master’s from the Harvard Divinity School.


Porter Robinson

Nov 2

First he was a DJ, then he was a pop star playing electronic-influenced music, and now Porter Robinson is touring with a full band. His music is still influenced by video games, but it’s funnier and more self-realized than ever.


Nov 10 & 11

Honestly, the Super Bowl halftime show is a better advertisement for this tour than anything we could write.


Nov 23

You won’t wanna close your eyes, won’t wanna fall asleep during this show because if you do you’ll be missing Aerosmith’s final performance in Seattle. Yep, it’s called the Peace Out Tour for a reason. It will probably be a sweet (but emotional) evening with the Black Crowes opening. 


Billie Eilish

Dec 5

One of pop’s biggest stars, Billie Eilish will be touring behind her new album Hit Me Hard and Hit Me Soft. Fittingly, considering the name of the arena, she’s announced that the tour will be taking sustainability seriously, and partnering with the “green music” nonprofit Reverb.