The Seafood Issue

Trolling with tuna boats, oyster road trips, the geoduck in all its majesty, and more. Plus: Doughnuts, dentists, waterfall hikes, and the legacy of Elijah Lewis.

In this issue:

Arts & Culture


Two Poems by Seattle Writer Luther Hughes

The first entries in Seattle Met’s new poetry series.

02/07/2024 By Luther Hughes


Brandy Clark Finds Americana Music Right Here at Home

What do you get when you add Brandy Clark and Brandi Carlile? A hometown record with a whole lot of Grammy nominations.

02/01/2024 By Allison Williams

Eat & Drink

More Than Fried Dough

Ninth and Hennepin Makes Doughnuts for People Who Hate Sprinkles

How to win friends with salad? Make it into a doughnut.

02/05/2024 By Allecia Vermillion

More Than Fried Dough

It’s a New Era at King Donuts

The Rainier Valley landmark evolves once again. The doughnuts? Still great.

01/22/2024 By Allecia Vermillion

The Hole Truth

Cake vs. Raised Doughnuts: Which Is Better?

Two Seattle Met editors defend their preferred style of doughnut with rock-solid facts and unimpeachable logic.

01/19/2024 By Allecia Vermillion and Allison Williams

More Than Fried Dough

You’ve Never Seen Doughnuts like These Before

Ever wish you could turn tres leches cake into a doughnut? Doce Donut Co. reimagines Latin American pastry traditions on a canvas of perfect brioche.

01/18/2024 By Allecia Vermillion Photography by Amber Fouts

Time To...Well, You Know

This Local Company Has Been Making the World's Doughnuts for 101 Years

Auburn-based Belshaw helps companies large and small with machines that cut, fry, frost, fill, and ice.

01/17/2024 By Allecia Vermillion Photography by Amber Fouts

PNW Pantry

Linda Miller Nicholson Chases the Gnocchi Rainbow

The hometown pasta artist known as Salty Seattle now sells boxes of colorful make-at-home gnocchi.

12/06/2023 By Allecia Vermillion


Are Taprooms the New Seattle Coffee Shops?

Seattle takes breweries’ third-place status to the next level.

11/15/2023 By Allecia Vermillion

Seattle Dining Guide

Special Occasion Restaurants for When You Want to Go Big

Because sometimes life hands you reasons to make a reservation and really blow it out.

10/18/2023 By Allecia Vermillion

Health & Wellness

Best of the City

Top Dentists 2024

Our annual list of the best dental practitioners in the Seattle area.

03/07/2024 By Seattle Met Staff

News & City Life


Interstate 5 in Downtown Seattle: Put a Lid on It?

A freeway lid could hold park space, housing, even a school.

02/26/2024 By Ryan Packer


Artist Cristina Martinez Shares Her Favorite Seattle Spots

Nothing pairs better than Molly Moon’s and a trip to the art supply store.

02/20/2024 By Eric Nusbaum Illustrations by Chelsea Wirtz

Good Catch

Salmon’s New Symbolism

King (or Chinook) salmon is part of our heritage. On the plate, it gets complicated.

02/15/2024 By Allecia Vermillion

Good Catch

We Should All Respect the Geoduck

Wait, stop laughing. This behemoth of a clam is serious business.

02/14/2024 By Allison Williams Photography by Sarah Flotard

Go Fish

The St. Jude Is One of Seattle’s Last Commercial Tuna Boats

How a grizzled Seattle fisherman found himself trolling for tuna in the South Pacific and selling straight on the dock.

02/13/2024 By Eric Nusbaum

What we catch

Sea Change: How and When Washington’s Catch Ebbs and Flows

From smelt to sea cucumbers, the seafood we take from Northwest waters is ever-changing.

02/13/2024 By Allison Williams


Weird Seattle News of Late

Large barge, KEXP California style, lonely Cougars, and more.

02/09/2024 By Seattle Met Staff


Who Is the City For?

Elijah L. Lewis spent his life trying to build a better Seattle. Then a stranger shot him and his nephew in broad daylight.

01/30/2024 By Eric Nusbaum Illustrations by Richard A. Chance Photography by Meron Menghistab

Forced Out

Families with Trans Kids Are Finding Refuge in Seattle

When Texas laws made life unbearable for their daughter, the Tillisons moved to Washington. They aren’t the only ones.

12/12/2023 By Sam Leeds


Can You Drive Between the Monorail Columns on Fifth Avenue?

We're not asking if you do it, we're asking if it's legal.

11/13/2023 By Allison Williams

Style & Shopping

The Shape of You

The Average Woman Looks Amazing

Shelby Scott has become a social media superstar sharing fashion tips for women size 10–16.

01/22/2024 By Zoe Sayler Photography by Carlton Canary

Travel & Outdoors

Water Works

Waterfall Hikes near Seattle

The snow is melting and the falls are roaring on Washington trails.

04/09/2024 By Allison Williams

Destination Dossier

Everything You Need to Know about a Visit to Roslyn

It’s more than that moose from Northern Exposure.

03/25/2024 By Allison Williams Illustrations by Chantal Bennett

The Merroir the Merrier

Forget Wine Tasting. Try Oyster Tasting.

Washington’s shellfish is as distinct as its wines, and Hood Canal is developing a whole industry around it.

02/16/2024 By Allison Williams

Out East

Arrowleaf Bistro Is Blossoming in Winthrop

With the kind of fine dining that can be done in jeans, the Methow Valley manages to get even more appealing.

11/07/2023 By Allison Williams

If By Sea

Seattle’s Seaplanes Take Off in a New Direction

After 77 years, Kenmore Air keeps the iconic propeller planes flying across the Seattle landscape. Where do they go from here?

10/20/2023 By Allison Williams