Well Well Well

The Local Cafe Turning Viral Cat Videos Into an Art Form

And why looking at cats on the internet is actually good for your health.

05/14/2024 By Haley Shapley

Well Well Well

Is Aura Photography the Ultimate Vibe Check?

Apparently, red and magenta are the colors of my energy.

04/25/2024 By Haley Shapley

Well Well Well

Is Seattle Ready to Actually Embrace Single People?

In the face of the singles tax, let us eat cake.

04/11/2024 By Haley Shapley

Well Well Well

Is the Cold Plunge Trend All It’s Cracked Up to Be?

Our columnist took a dip into frigid Alki waters to find out.

03/29/2024 By Haley Shapley

Well Well Well Dressed

The Case for Renting Your Clothes

What we wear matters for our well-being. So does where it comes from.

03/14/2024 By Haley Shapley

Well Well Well

The Seattle Psychologist Making Love Is Blind Educational Content

The best way to watch reality TV? With a therapist.

02/22/2024 By Haley Shapley

Well Well Well

The Case for Reading as a Self-Care Activity

As it turns out, doing things that reinforce our sense of self matters to our sense of well-being.

02/08/2024 By Haley Shapley

Animal Collective

Seattle Is Getting Its First Vet Co-Op

Urban Animal’s three clinics will soon be employee-owned.

01/03/2024 By Haley Shapley

Twinning and Winning

There’s No Such Thing as Unsellable Houses for These Sisters

Lyndsay Lamb and Leslie Davis have turned their Snohomish real estate business into a popular HGTV show.

10/12/2023 By Haley Shapley

Period Correct

Property Watch: On Capitol Hill, a Historic Mansion Worthy of an Olive Oil Baron

This Georgian-style home looks like it belongs on a stately college campus...right down to the ample bookshelves.

04/26/2023 By Haley Shapley


I Got Stuck on That Beached Ferry with My Cat

This is what it was like to be aboard the Walla Walla ferry when it ran aground on Bainbridge Island.

04/20/2023 By Haley Shapley

Be Water

Property Watch: The Good Life on a Bainbridge Island Spit

This funky home, perched atop an uncommon landform, has spectacular views and plenty of space for entertaining.

04/19/2023 By Haley Shapley

Seafair Party Central

Property Watch: A Midcentury Masterpiece in Mount Baker

Details from another era permeate this home, from a curved bank of windows to the indoor sport court with adjacent bar.

04/12/2023 By Haley Shapley

Left a Good Job in the City

Property Watch: Ye Old-Timey Paddlewheel Houseboat on Lake Union

More character than a Mark Twain book. (And more luxury, too.)

04/05/2023 By Haley Shapley

Animal House

Property Watch: A Timeless Tudor in Tacoma

Beware the guard lions at this historic North Slope stunner. (And the raccoon mural.)

03/29/2023 By Haley Shapley

Big Balcony Energy

Property Watch: A Beachfront Beauty in West Seattle

This party-ready home occupies the last lot developed on Alki Beach. The architect put the common spaces on upper floors to maximize views (and privacy).

03/22/2023 By Haley Shapley

Minimalist Bliss

Property Watch: Industrial Chic on Capitol Hill

Warehouse aesthetics meet a stacked parking system and walnut built-ins.

03/15/2023 By Haley Shapley

Maritime Madness

Property Watch: Lighthouse-Inspired Splendor in Shelton

All the most adorable aspects of the nautical life. None of the nausea.

03/08/2023 By Haley Shapley

Red-Door Diaries

Property Watch: An Unexpected Victorian in Denny-Blaine

You won’t see another home with these architectural details in this neighborhood.

03/01/2023 By Haley Shapley

Life at the Top

Property Watch: Penthouse Panoramas in South Lake Union

Paul Allen’s former clubhouse is now a pretty posh place to live.

02/22/2023 By Haley Shapley