Real Estate Report

Real Estate Activity and Prices Up In April

Across King County where did home prices jump the most, and what areas are the most “affordable”?

7:00am By Lindsey Schober

Rent Report

Rents Increased across the Region Last Month

But pace of growth slowed. What does it mean for the summer season, and where are rents increasing the fastest?

05/17/2024 By Lindsey Schober

Rent Report

Rent Growth in Seattle Outpacing Last Year

New data shows where it’s more expensive to rent this year. Spoiler alert, it’s most of the metro area.

04/23/2024 By Lindsey Schober

Real Estate Report

Seattle Home Prices Up in March

Which neighborhoods had the biggest gains and drops? And where are people selling?

04/18/2024 By Lindsey Schober

Rent Report

Record Numbers of New Apartments Are Coming

Seattle could become a renter's market. But until then...rents went up slightly throughout the region.

03/20/2024 By Lindsey Schober


Real Estate Report: Are Better Days on the Way for Homebuyers?

February was a rough one. But the Busy Season is almost here.

03/18/2024 By Lindsey Schober

Property Watch

From Telephone Exchange to Masonic Temple to Luxury Townhomes

Two freshly rehabbed residences in Queen Anne still hint at more than 120 years of unusual history.

03/05/2024 By Lindsey Schober

Rent Report

Do Seattle Rents Have Seasonal Affective Disorder?

New data says prices are flat...but only for now.

02/08/2024 By Lindsey Schober