Hoop Dreams

Welcome Home, Storm

After 25 years, Seattle's most successful pro sports team finally has a permanent home.

05/16/2024 By Malia Alexander

Aloha State

How the Pandemic Shook Hawaiian Tourism

Seattle's favorite tropical destination struggles with lawbreaking tourists and overrun hiking trails. Will Covid lead to a long-needed reckoning for Hawaiian visitors?

03/25/2022 By Malia Alexander

Black History Month

Wa Na Wari Has a Vision for the Central District’s Black Future

How a public art project became a center for Black belonging.

02/28/2022 By Malia Alexander

In the Medal Hunt

The Locals Going to the Beijing Winter Olympics and Paralympics in 2022

A small but mighty list.

02/23/2022 By Malia Alexander

Stay in Your Lane

Ticketing Traffic Cameras Are Set to Go Live in Seattle

The city’s getting passive aggressive about “blocking the box” and other driving no-nos.

02/21/2022 By Malia Alexander


This Month in Seattle Tech: Does a Startup’s Pizza Robot Leave a Bad Taste?

Plus: An NFT Museum opens in Seattle, and Amazon Web Services crashes.

12/30/2021 By Malia Alexander

Snow Holds Barred

Events to Get You in the Holiday Spirit (However Reluctantly)

The holidays are here, whether you like it or not.

12/13/2021 By Malia Alexander

Hello, you

Dylan Arnold of You on His Start at Bainbridge Performing Arts

And our culture's strange fascination with killers.

12/08/2021 By Malia Alexander

Farewell to 2021

Events to Ring in the New Year

How is 2022 less than a month away?

12/06/2021 By Malia Alexander

Filling Festivities

The Seattle Guide to Christmas (Eve) Dining

From takeout to dine-in, dinner to brunch—festive options for December 24 and 25.

11/30/2021 By Malia Alexander


Local Organizations Worth Donating To

’Tis the season to give—especially after the year we’ve had.

11/17/2021 By Malia Alexander

Helping Hands

How to Help Afghan Refugees Coming to Seattle

Ways to volunteer, donate, or organize aid for those arriving from Kabul.

11/03/2021 By Malia Alexander

It's All Gravy

Seattle Restaurants Serving Thanksgiving Dinner (or Brunch... Lunch, Even)

Don't feel like cooking? Grab that vax card and leave the turkey (or black cod or prime rib) to the professionals.

11/01/2021 By Malia Alexander

Still a Hoops Hub

Sue Bird and Breanna Stewart Named Two of the WNBA’s Greatest Players

The Storm stars earned rightful spots in “The W25” this fall.

10/25/2021 By Malia Alexander

Department of Good News

Ballard Food Bank Finally Has a Permanent Space to Call Its Own

One of Seattle’s major food banks cut the ribbon at a new site this week, just in time for the holiday season.

10/21/2021 By Malia Alexander

Coronavirus Chronicles

Some of Us Are in a Disaster Cascade

Mental health has improved for a fortunate few. But many people in Washington are heading back toward disillusionment.

10/15/2021 By Malia Alexander

Gourd Me

I Hate Beer—How Did I End Up at the Great Pumpkin Beer Festival?

File this one away in the things work made me do.

10/14/2021 By Malia Alexander

Ho, Brah!

7 Seattle Destinations for Homestyle Hawaiian Food

September is Hawaiian History Month. Not that you needed a reason to hunt down some saimin, poké, or guava cake.

09/21/2021 By Malia Alexander

Game Prep

A List of the Covid Vaccination Policies for Seattle Sports Teams

Local squads have begun to mandate proof of shots or negative tests.

09/10/2021 By Malia Alexander


Is Remote Work Good or Bad for Gen Z?

A recent report from Washington State University finds some drawbacks and benefits for the Pacific Northwest's youngest professionals.

09/10/2021 By Malia Alexander