Have an idea? Want a question answered? Tell us.

Seattle Met welcomes project submissions, story suggestions, and questions from readers. We're open to ideas in a variety of areas, but we're specifically interested in submissions in the categories below. (While we also commission freelance writers, please note that we accept pitches only and do not publish pre-written articles.)

Home Projects

In our Habitat column, we showcase local home designs, architecture, and gardens. Projects can be in any budget or style, and DIY projects are welcome. We encourage you to look at previous homes we have featured.

How to submit: Send us photos of the project (professional shots are appreciated but not necessary), along with a brief description of the project to letters at seattlemet.com with the subject line "Habitat." Please include the names of any relevant designers, architects, landscapers, or home professionals. If you're submitting high-resolution images, please note we cannot receive large email attachments; download links or low-resolution images work just fine.

Personal Collections

Are you a sucker for sunglasses? A typewriter aficionado? A lover of chess sets? We want to know about your personal collections. 

How to submit: Send us photos (snapshots are fine) of your collection, along with a brief description of why and what you collect, to letters at seattlemet.com with the subject line "Collection."

Health and Wellness

What are the health, nutrition, and fitness questions you want answered by local experts? Tell us for an upcoming health and wellness column.

How to submit: Send your questions and ideas to letters at seattlemet.com with the subject line "Health and Wellness Idea."

College Application Stories

Applying to college has changed dramatically in the past few years, especially during the pandemic. Do you have an interesting story about applying for college? We want to hear from recent grads, soon-to-be seniors, and college admissions experts in the Seattle area. 

How to submit: Send your questions and ideas to letters at seattlemet.com with the subject line "College Application Idea." 

Love Stories

Dating, love, marriage, divorce—matters of the heart are never easy in Seattle. We want to hear all about your too-cute meet-cute, your first date that went way wrong, and everything in between.

How to submit: Send your questions and ideas to letters at seattlemet.com with the subject line "Love Story Idea."