Oh, Hello—University Village Is Getting a Bagel Shop

And not just any bagel shop. Popular popup Hey Bagel will land in the current Brandy Melville space.

By Allecia Vermillion April 29, 2024

Hey Bagel's caramelized onion and gruyere bialy, with a backdrop of poppyseed bagels.

Great bagels (as in, really great bagels) are coming to University Village. Hey Bagel, the popup started by baker Andrew Rubinstein, will open in the shopping center later this year.

If Rubinstein’s name already conjures up images of everything bagels with fried onion and chive schmear, it’s because he founded Rubinstein Bagels before moving on to start a new business, Hey Bagel.

Since then he’s been dispensing his crackly specimens—with their blistered crust and hint of sourdough—at popups and pre-order parking lot drops. Along the way, Rubinstein was looking for a location for a proper shop. He sought something on the Eastside, to be closer to his home in Sammamish, but saw few spaces he liked.

Then Susie Plummer of University Village came calling. “That’s a big swing, right?” says Rubinstein. “I couldn’t pass that up.” Plus the high volume of customers at U Village will help the baker in his ultimate quest: baking all day long so any bagel you purchase just came out of the oven.

“I really want that equation of a hot bagel in your hands,” he says. “Something that’s so hot, it’s steaming and it will melt your face.”

In Rubinstein’s world, a customer might buy a bagel, then walk around U Village tearing off pieces and dipping them in schmear, the way we might with a soft pretzel. “I’m not going to have a toaster in the shop,” he says. “I’m really putting the gauntlet down.”

He plans to have his familiar variety of bagels and a glass case—the kind that might hold ice cream—full of both fun and classic schmears. Sandwich opportunities will be limited, maybe just open-face lox or veggie options, but Rubinstein plans to open with some of the bialys that have built a following along with his bagels.

Hey Bagel is taking over the current home of Brandy Melville (not to worry, tweens, it’s moving to a different location). Turning a clothing store into a bagel bakery takes a minute, but Rubinstein hopes to be open by November. Until then, his pre-order drop-offs will continue with, perhaps, slightly less frequency.

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