Outdoor Activities

What Roof

The Outdoorsy City

What it means to be a place where getting out of the house and into the wilds is a way of life.

05/10/2024 By Allison Williams


Where to Be Outdoorsy for the First Time

Hike. Paddle. Camp. We’ll take it easy on you, newbie. Here’s where to start.

05/09/2024 By Taylor McKenzie Gerlach

Water Works

Waterfall Hikes near Seattle

The snow is melting and the falls are roaring on Washington trails.

04/09/2024 By Allison Williams

sleigh all day

Where to Go Sledding Near Seattle

A good snow hill is surprisingly hard to find.

01/12/2024 By Allison Williams

Lumberjacked up

How to Cut Down a Christmas Tree in the Woods

Free-range evergreens from our national forests await your tinsel. Just grab a permit first.

11/30/2023 By Allison Williams


How to Learn to Ski in Seattle

The tricks, tips, and techniques for getting into the Northwest’s snowiest sport.

11/30/2023 By Allison Williams

Join Us

How Ski Clubs Made Skiing a Sport

The social organizations that built Seattle’s snow sport culture have a new form today.

11/29/2023 By Allison Williams

Indie Cred

These Are Washington’s Independent Ski Areas

Small and locally owned mountains offer character—and affordability.

11/28/2023 By Allison Williams

Snow Bound

Skiing Is Stupid. Do It Anyway.

The sport is expensive, hard, and dangerous—but it’s a dreamy way to spend a Northwest winter.

11/27/2023 By Allison Williams

Owl Prowl

How (and Why) to Start Bird-Watching in Seattle

Birding is gaining popularity in Seattle as a way to connect with nature—and with fellow humans.

10/19/2023 By Olivia Rosane

Water Ways

Where to Launch a Kayak or Standup Paddleboard in Seattle

Time to captain your own armada. Plus: Where to go for a post-paddle snack.

05/04/2023 By Allison Williams

Spring to It

Where to Hit the Slopes for the End of Ski Season

Goggle tans, jean-clad ski bros, and blue skies—spring skiing is here.

03/15/2023 By Taylor McKenzie Gerlach and Allison Williams

not refreshing

New Reservation Systems Have Complicated Camping

First came the online systems for calling dibs on a campsite—then the ways to circumvent them. Who wins in the battle for a few square feet of dirt?

03/09/2023 By Allison Williams

Cold sleep

How to Go Snow Camping in Washington State

Pitch a tent in a blizzard? Yep, really. Here's how.

02/17/2023 By Allison Williams

Snow Report

Best Ski Hills to Visit Across the Pacific Northwest

Ski season has already begun in Northwest resorts. Here's what's new, what's different, and where to ski and snowboard from Canada to Oregon.

11/29/2022 By Allison Williams

Wet N Wild

A Guide to Seattle's Spray Parks and Wading Pools

Behold our comprehensive list of watery havens around town.

06/24/2022 By Ann Karneus

Paw-some parks

A Guide to Seattle’s Dog Parks

Outdoor recreation options abound for the city’s most beloved residents.

06/16/2022 By Taylor McKenzie Gerlach

Salty Salish

Guide to Tide Pooling and Beach Combing around Seattle

Searching for squishy sea life is a singularly Seattle sport.

05/12/2022 By Allison Williams

Pedal Power

The Best Bicycle and Skate Shops in Seattle

Wheels are life—and the city is full of places to keep us rolling.

05/04/2022 By Allison Williams