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Plug it in, plug it in

Electric Vehicle Road Trips from Seattle

Destinations worth draining the battery—and where to charge up again for the return trip.

05/20/2024 By Allison Williams

The worst luck

How to Visit Mount St. Helens While the Visitor Center Is Closed

The volcano's observatory is off-limits thanks to—what else—a natural disaster.

05/17/2024 By Allison Williams

Big Days

The Wedding Vendors Who Will Literally Climb Mountains for the Perfect Shot

When couples get hitched in the wilderness, they can still get professional hairdos and photos.

05/13/2024 By Allison Williams

What Roof

The Outdoorsy City

What it means to be a place where getting out of the house and into the wilds is a way of life.

05/10/2024 By Allison Williams

Sorta Crunchy

The Kinds of Outdoorsy People You Meet in Seattle

We sorted the hikers, bikers, and all kinds of nature lovers. You know the types.

05/10/2024 By Allison Williams Illustrations by David Wilson


Where to Be Outdoorsy for the First Time

Hike. Paddle. Camp. We’ll take it easy on you, newbie. Here’s where to start.

05/09/2024 By Taylor McKenzie Gerlach

Into the Woods

Why Are We So Scared of Bears?

The animals are not actually deadly, until they are.

05/08/2024 By Allison Williams Photography by Carlton Canary

Stuff Galore

Seattle’s Outdoor Gear Hall of Fame

The things we’ve had—and are keeping—forever.

05/07/2024 By Allison Williams

Outside Inside

The Capitol Hill Club for Making Outdoorsy Friends

Never hike alone again.

05/06/2024 By Taylor McKenzie Gerlach


Short Spring Day Trips from Seattle

This state is way too nice to just stay home.

05/01/2024 By Allison Williams

The Mountain

An Insider’s Guide to Visiting Mount Rainier National Park

Hiking trails, visitor centers, and other spectacular reasons to head to our friendly local volcano.

04/29/2024 By Allison Williams and Seattle Met Staff


What to Do in Washington State in May

It's the season to celebrate...irrigation canals and imaginary creatures?

04/26/2024 By Allison Williams

Short Stop

South Fork Gives North Bend Room to Hang Out

Beers, dogs, kids, and cinnamon rolls. All the bases are covered.

04/24/2024 By Allison Williams

Mobile Roam

Where to Rent a Vintage Trailer in the Pacific Northwest

Pack your best pink flamingo lawn ornament—it's time for an Airstream vacation.

04/23/2024 By Allison Williams

Moby Who?

Guide to Whale Watching in Washington

It's not just about our local orcas anymore.

04/19/2024 By Allison Williams

Take Off

What to Know about the New Flight from Sea–Tac to the Philippines

Seattle is getting even more international.

04/17/2024 By Allison Williams

On display

Washington Museums Worthy of a Road Trip

Take a drive and learn something already.

04/12/2024 By Allison Williams

Water Works

Waterfall Hikes near Seattle

The snow is melting and the falls are roaring on Washington trails.

04/09/2024 By Allison Williams

Every Now and Then

What to Know about Monday's Solar Eclipse in Seattle

Remember 2017? It's not going to be quite like that.

04/05/2024 By Allison Williams

Ranger of Motion

Mount Rainier’s Top Ranger Introduces a New Era at the National Park

As MRNP celebrates 125 years of existence, visiting its trails and vistas now means a brand-new timed-entry system.

04/01/2024 By Allison Williams