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Joe Bivins Is Fixing Our Roads

One Washington State Department of Transportation worker tells us what it’s like behind the orange safety gear.

05/20/2024 By Allison Williams


The Mariners Are Dropping Hot Dogs from the Sky—and the Crowd Is Going Wild

‘Hot Dogs from Heaven’ is exactly what it sounds like. Inside Seattle's new viral ballpark promotion.

05/17/2024 By Brittney Bush Bollay

Hoop Dreams

Welcome Home, Storm

After 25 years, Seattle's most successful pro sports team finally has a permanent home.

05/16/2024 By Malia Alexander


Cody Chhun Defies the Odds

Can the local son of Cambodian refugees become a pro wrestling superstar?

05/15/2024 By Dae Shik Kim Photography by David Jaewon Oh

R Roots

Rainier: A Beer Odyssey Is a Film about Seattle’s Soul

It’s not just beer commercials. It's the city that made them.

05/14/2024 By Eric Olson

Well Well Well

The Local Cafe Turning Viral Cat Videos Into an Art Form

And why looking at cats on the internet is actually good for your health.

05/14/2024 By Haley Shapley

Big Days

The Wedding Vendors Who Will Literally Climb Mountains for the Perfect Shot

When couples get hitched in the wilderness, they can still get professional hairdos and photos.

05/13/2024 By Allison Williams

Into the Woods

Why Are We So Scared of Bears?

The animals are not actually deadly, until they are.

05/08/2024 By Allison Williams Photography by Carlton Canary

Exit Velocity

The World’s Most Cutting-Edge Baseball Laboratory Is Hiding in a Kent Warehouse

Why are big league superstars making an annual offseason pilgrimage to the Seattle suburbs?

05/03/2024 By Eric Nusbaum


The Treasure Hunters 

Can a mission that began with two adventurous teenagers in the 1980s end with the discovery of a sunken gold rush fortune off the Washington coast?

04/30/2024 By Benjamin Cassidy Photography by Grant Hindsley


A Promising Team, a Fatal Crash in Snoqualmie Pass

The most deadly accident in American pro sports history happened outside Seattle.

04/26/2024 By Eric Vickrey

Sunrise, Sunset

Get Ready to Spring Forward, Seattle

Do you have big plans for an extra hour of daylight?

03/08/2024 By Seattle Met Staff

Thanks, El Niño

Seattle Might Actually Get a Spring This Year

Unlike 2022 and 2023, we’re looking at warm temperatures in late March, April, and May.

03/07/2024 By Justin Shaw

News You Can Use

Washingtonians Can Now File Their Taxes Directly with the IRS—for Free

The new Direct File pilot program is available in 12 states, including this one.

03/04/2024 By Eric Nusbaum


Who Broke the Mariners Uniforms?

Transparency is a worthy goal for any organization, but not when it comes to major league teams' pants.

03/01/2024 By Eric Nusbaum


Interstate 5 in Downtown Seattle: Put a Lid on It?

A freeway lid could hold park space, housing, even a school.

02/26/2024 By Ryan Packer


Artist Cristina Martinez Shares Her Favorite Seattle Spots

Nothing pairs better than Molly Moon’s and a trip to the art supply store.

02/20/2024 By Eric Nusbaum Illustrations by Chelsea Wirtz

Good Catch

Salmon’s New Symbolism

King (or Chinook) salmon is part of our heritage. On the plate, it gets complicated.

02/15/2024 By Allecia Vermillion

Good Catch

We Should All Respect the Geoduck

Wait, stop laughing. This behemoth of a clam is serious business.

02/14/2024 By Allison Williams Photography by Sarah Flotard