The Mountain

An Insider’s Guide to Visiting Mount Rainier National Park

Hiking trails, visitor centers, and other spectacular reasons to head to our friendly local volcano.

04/29/2024 By Allison Williams and Seattle Met Staff


Insider's Guide to Visiting Washington State's Olympic National Park

What to do, where to hike, and where to stay in the country's fifth most-visited national park.

06/02/2021 By Allison Williams

American Alps

The Insider's Guide to Visiting North Cascades National Park

Where to hike, camp, and explore in the most remote and possibly most spectacular public lands in Washington state.

06/02/2022 By Allison Williams

Boarding Pass

Every Nonstop Flight from Seattle's Sea-Tac Airport and More

Where to go when you just can't handle a connection.

12/11/2023 By Allison Williams

Public Lands

20 Best State Parks in Washington

From half-acre pocket parks to surf beaches and cross-state trails, the state park system is a whole different kind of wild.

02/22/2022 By Allison Williams


What to See and Do in Portland

Where to start in the Pacific Northwest's other signature city. Plus, stops off the beaten path.

02/11/2022 By Allison Williams and Ramona DeNies

Southbound and down

How to Travel Between Seattle and Portland

Planes, trains, and all those automobiles stuck in I-5 traffic.

04/11/2022 By Allison Williams

Get Out

Washington’s 25 Best Beaches

Sunbathing, swimming, hiking, kite-flying...we found the state's best stretches of sand for all of it.

08/11/2023 By Allison Williams

Miracle Miles

8 Best Road Trips from Seattle

Washington’s eight most impressive drives, from mountain passes to sand in the tires.

04/06/2021 By Allison Williams

The Road Home

The Seattle Guide to RVs

How to rent, where to camp, and why motorhomes are having a moment.

03/04/2021 By Allison Williams Illustrations by Cody Muir

Salish Sea Style

Where to Stay and What to Do on Washington's Idyllic San Juan Islands (and Beyond)

Scenic escapes, empty beaches, and a farm-to-table way of life: The San Juan Islands are waiting.

07/08/2021 By Allison Williams Illustrations by Levi Hastings

Island Time

How to Get to Victoria, BC, by Boat or Plane

Journey to a land of afternoon tea and poutine for dinner.

06/28/2022 By Allison Williams

Wet and wild

11 Swimming Holes within Two Hours of Seattle

Dive in to Washington’s glistening lakes and rivers—the water's fine.

07/27/2021 By Allison Williams

Paw-some parks

A Guide to Seattle’s Dog Parks

Outdoor recreation options abound for the city’s most beloved residents.

06/16/2022 By Taylor McKenzie Gerlach

Rover Road Trip

Best Northwest Hotels to Visit with Dogs

Some overnights are a little furrier than others.

06/14/2022 By Allison Williams


Best Seattle Rock Climbing Gyms

Our indoor crags boast sky-high fake rocks and some of the best bouldering in the country. Plus: Seattle's best free outdoor climbing rocks.

02/16/2024 By Allison Williams

On Belay

Outdoor Rock Climbing Near Seattle

Break out the ropes and racks to climb Washington’s natural crags. Plus: The dirtbag-turned-storyteller behind climbing's biggest podcast.

06/15/2022 By Allison Williams

Salty Salish

Guide to Tide Pooling and Beach Combing around Seattle

Searching for squishy sea life is a singularly Seattle sport.

05/12/2022 By Allison Williams

Public Lands FTW

The Northwest's Best State Park Cabins

Cozy rentals at budget prices.

01/22/2021 By Allison Williams

In Tents

30 Best Washington Campgrounds

Where to camp in the mountains, on the beach, or among the ruins of a decommissioned army base.

06/16/2021 By Allison Williams


Guide to Mount St. Helens

The 1980 eruption was the biggest volcanic event in recent American history. Four decades later, the mountain has more than moved on—it’s become a new and vibrant wonderland for scientists and sightseers alike.

05/06/2020 By Allison Williams


How to Plan Your First Camping Trip in Washington

Everyone can do it—even you.

04/26/2022 By Allison Williams


How to Plan Your First Backpacking Trip in Washington

Brave the wilderness with only what you can carry. Don't worry, it's fun.

05/02/2022 By Allison Williams


How to Rent Camping Gear in Seattle

You don't need to own your own tent and sleeping bag—or stand-up paddleboard or ice ax—to get outside.

04/19/2022 By Allison Williams

Book It

How to Reserve a Campsite or Backpacking Trip in Washington

Sometimes the wilderness requires a reservation.

02/15/2022 By Allison Williams

Getting Out

Accessible Hikes Near Seattle and Beyond

Try these six flat and paved trails in the Pacific Northwest wilderness.

04/13/2022 By Allison Williams

Mud Ahoy

Best Rainy Day Hikes Near Seattle

It's raining, it's pouring—the perfect time to go exploring.

03/28/2022 By Allison Williams


The 15 Best City Trails in Seattle

The greatest urban escape routes in the Seattle area, threading downtown, the waterfront, far-flung neighborhoods, and the abundant nature beyond.

08/10/2020 By Allison Williams

Northwest Travel

18 Amazing Northwest Cabin Destinations

Bungalows, chalets, yurts: Like home, but better.

05/13/2021 By Allison Williams

Branch Out

The Best Treehouse Vacation Rentals in Washington

Make like a squirrel by overnighting up in the air.

02/23/2024 By Allison Williams

Teed Up

Where to Play Golf and Mini Golf in Seattle

With long fairways, short courses, and novelty putt-putt holes, golf season goes year-round.

03/29/2022 By Allison Williams and Seattle Met Staff

Court in Session

Seattle Pickleball Guide

Where to play, what you need, and how the strange sport was invented right here.

07/13/2021 By Sophie Grossman and Malia Alexander

Animal Style

The Best Zoos and Aquariums of Western Washington

This is where the wild things are.

01/27/2022 By Allison Williams

Wet N Wild

A Guide to Seattle's Spray Parks and Wading Pools

Behold our comprehensive list of watery havens around town.

06/24/2022 By Ann Karneus

Things to do with a Kid

8 of the Best Playgrounds in and Near Seattle

The region's destination slides, climbs, and swings.

02/11/2021 By Allecia Vermillion

Flower Power

Guide to the Skagit Valley Tulip Festival

New tulips just dropped: The rural farmland north of Seattle erupts into a rainbow of color during the state's biggest flower fest.

03/22/2024 By Allison Williams

Growth Spurts

The Best Botanical Gardens Near Seattle

Flowers in bloom, rare plants, and long walking trails through pristine greenery.

03/22/2022 By Allison Williams

Soak it in

Hot Springs Near Seattle

Thank the Northwest's volcanic landscape for our all-natural hot tubs.

03/12/2024 By Allison Williams

White out

What to Do When It Snows in Seattle

Suit up, leave the car, and grab the sled.

12/24/2021 By Allison Williams

Tickets to Ride

Guide to Skiing in Washington State

Ready to drop into deep Pacific Northwest powder? First you'll want a ski pass—and we have the lowdown on all the options.

11/22/2021 By Allison Williams

Romance on the road

Romantic Valentine's Day Vacations in the Northwest

Nothing says love like a road trip.

02/02/2024 By Allison Williams

Haunted Houses

Six Freaky Halloween Vacations

Trips that make you go "Boo." Plus: How to freak out Stephen King-style.

10/21/2021 By Allison Williams

Shuck This

Best Corn Mazes Near Seattle

Get lost and have a good time doing it.

09/28/2022 By Sophia Struna

Oh My Gourd

Best Pumpkin Patches Near Seattle

It's time to bust out the flannel and sharpen your carving knives.

09/20/2023 By Seattle Met Staff

Toe Pick

The Clumsy Adult's Guide to Ice Skating at Kraken Iceplex

Listen, you're gonna fall. And that's okay.

09/27/2021 By Allison Williams


Washington's Best E-Bike Routes

Six routes made for an e-bike adventure, from sleepy streets to formal trails.

06/22/2021 By Allison Williams

Wine Not

Things to Do in Walla Walla

History, outdoor sports, and the original Batman.

08/13/2021 By Allison Williams

Wine Not

The Best Things to Do in Woodinville

Wine tasting isn’t the only game in town.

07/02/2021 By Allison Williams

Deep Cuts

The Best Things to Do in the Columbia Gorge

Kiteboarding, IPAs, and one seriously unexpected religious exhibit.

06/08/2021 By Allison Williams Photography by Kelly Turso

Sugar rush

10 Sweet Bakery Day Trips from Seattle

Croissants, churros, and crullers worth a special drive.

04/01/2021 By Allison Williams and Allecia Vermillion

Seasonal Send-offs

Winter Weekend Travel Ideas in the Pacific Northwest

Worth the search: truffles, snowbound mountain huts, and Kurt Cobain's favorite spot in Aberdeen.

12/17/2021 By Allison Williams

Cold Tide

Washington's Best Beaches in Winter

Our shoreline shines in the off-season.

02/22/2021 By Allison Williams

sleigh all day

Where to Go Sledding Near Seattle

A good snow hill is surprisingly hard to find.

01/12/2024 By Allison Williams

Winter walks

10 Best Snowshoe Hikes in Western Washington

Trails look a little different in winter, but with the right footwear there's no reason to stay inside.

11/25/2020 By Allison Williams

SNOW 2.0

Your Guide to Washington Winter

Weather a season of limited skiing, minimal group hangs, and record-high cabin fever. Dig into our complete guide to Seattle snowshoeing, frozen camping, and a backcountry boom.

11/25/2020 By Allison Williams