Cody Chhun Defies the Odds

Can the local son of Cambodian refugees become a pro wrestling superstar?

05/15/2024 By Dae Shik Kim Photography by David Jaewon Oh


The Treasure Hunters 

Can a mission that began with two adventurous teenagers in the 1980s end with the discovery of a sunken gold rush fortune off the Washington coast?

04/30/2024 By Benjamin Cassidy Photography by Grant Hindsley


Who Is the City For?

Elijah L. Lewis spent his life trying to build a better Seattle. Then a stranger shot him and his nephew in broad daylight.

01/30/2024 By Eric Nusbaum Illustrations by Richard A. Chance Photography by Meron Menghistab

Year in Review

Seattle Met's 5 Most-Read Longform Stories of 2023

These are the features our readers loved this year.

12/26/2023 By Seattle Met Staff


The Tree of Life Is Falling Down

How one death-defying spruce became the mascot, tourist trap, and spiritual center of the Washington coast.

06/28/2023 By Allison Williams Photography by Mac Holt


The Schism at Seattle Pacific University

How an anti-LGBTQ+ policy led to an existential dispute at a small Christian college, pitting students and faculty against the board—and placing the institution in peril.

06/08/2023 By Benjamin Cassidy Photography by Daniel Berman


Clouded Judgment: How a Former Amazon Employee Hacked Capital One

Paige Thompson engineered one of the biggest data breaches in history from her bedroom in South Seattle. Her trial exposed us all.

04/04/2023 By Benjamin Cassidy


Beside the Pointe: How PNB Navigates Parenthood and Ballet

A raw Instagram post resonated with many in the industry. But the full story was more complicated.

03/07/2023 By Karin Vandraiss Illustrations by Jordan Kay


Washington’s Great Taco Time Divide

Loving Taco Time Northwest might be the truest badge of being a Seattle native.

01/31/2023 By Allecia Vermillion Illustrations by Hawk Krall Photography by Chona Kasinger


The Endurance Trials of Rosalie Fish

A painted face and fleet feet made the runner a precocious advocate for missing and murdered Indigenous women. But even as her public activism has gained traction, she confronts new tests of her resilience.

01/18/2023 By Benjamin Cassidy Photography by Lindsey Wasson

Year in Review

Seattle Met's 5 Most-Read Longform Stories of 2022

The longreads that attracted the most eyeballs this year.

12/27/2022 By Seattle Met Staff


The Day City Hall Became a Same-Sex Marriage Cathedral

Ten years ago, scores of couples descended on the municipal building after the legalization of same-sex marriage in Washington state. Pictures of the newlyweds went around the world. But their nuptial journeys didn’t end there.

12/05/2022 By Benjamin Cassidy


The Politics of Paying Real Rent Duwamish

Why a simple act belies a complicated history.

11/22/2022 By Colleen Kimseylove


The Ancient Spirit That Settled in Small-Town Washington

An hour south of Seattle, JZ Knight channels a god-like warrior named Ramtha. To outsiders it can look like a cult, a religion, a 40-year-long fake. Clearly, something otherworldly has come to a sleepy corner of Thurston County.

11/15/2022 By Allison Williams Illustrations by Jonathan Bartlett


Can We Ever Go Back to Junebaby and the Willows Inn?

Last year, a pair of newspaper investigations 86'd the reputations of two of the state’s most decorated chefs. But both of these restaurants are still open.

10/25/2022 By Allecia Vermillion Illustrations by Doug Chayka


The Twisted Life of Clippy

In the ’90s, Microsoft created an annoying paperclip that it quickly retired. Its developers never imagined the virtual assistant would become a cultural icon.

08/23/2022 By Benjamin Cassidy


Lou Graham, Seattle's Misunderstood Madam

Is everything we know about one of Seattle’s most notorious historical figures true, or just the masterful storytelling of one garrulous newspaperman?

08/09/2022 By Hanna Brooks Olsen


Cricket’s Up to Bat in Seattle

Seattle’s next major sport has already arrived. Can its local ambassadors get a misunderstood game off the ground?

07/26/2022 By Benjamin Cassidy Photography by Mike Kane


Under the Heat Dome

How Seattle sweltered—and survived—during three blistering days.

06/27/2022 By Seattle Met Staff Illustrations by Matthew Billington